Christine O'Mahony, Maynooth University (LLB)



Where did you study abroad? 

University of Trento, Trento, Italy 


What did you study abroad?

I studied mainly modules in Law, including Comparative European and International Legal Studies.


Did you join an ESN Section abroad? Favourite Event?

I joined ESN Trento as a member, I enjoyed the trip to Florence/Pisa and going to Oktoberfest and Innsbruck with them.


What is your favourite memory from your Erasmus experience?

One of my favourite memories is going to Oktoberfest with ESN Trento.


Did you also travel to any new countries while studying abroad?

Yes, during my Erasmus, I took a Flixbus to Innsbruck in Austria, which took 2 hours and 30 minutes. I also travelled by plane to Naples in Southern Italy. 


Do you have a fun fact about studying abroad?

Not all exams are written like we would have in Ireland, in Italy they have oral exams.


Top tips for the University/City you studied at? Favourite places? Shops? Restaurants?

  • Learn everything by heart as they do oral exams,
  • It is completely normal to drink wine in the morning and afternoon in Italy,
  • When you order a pepperoni pizza, be warned its actually peppers, order a Salamino pizza if you want "our version" of Pepperoni,
  • Urban coffee lab does nice pancakes and coffee/hot drinks.