Katie Joyce, University of Galway (Bachelor of Arts)



Where did you study abroad? 

University of Angers in Angers, France


What did you study abroad?

French language, conversation and translation 


Did you join an ESN Section abroad? Favourite Event?

No, unfortunately, there is no ESN Section in Angers.


What is your favourite memory from your Erasmus experience?

Trying and learning new things and speaking a different language regularly


Did you also travel to any new countries while studying abroad?

I did not travel beyond France but I did travel within France, I went to Normandy and Paris There were a lot of opportunities to travel around France because there was an Erasmus group which organised trips, and this was so convenient since you could meet other Erasmus students and explore a new town.


Do you have a fun fact about studying abroad?

You would meet new people that lived in your country and you would learn more slang words and other common phrases that you wouldn’t learn in an educational setting. Another great fact from studying abroad is that you learn a lot about yourself and what you are capable of doing and feeling more independent.

Top tips for the University/City you studied at? Favourite places? Shops? Restaurants?

I think that a tip that really helped me is to go to your abroad country well keeping in mind that you don’t want to have any regrets and be open to trying new things, this really helped me and will hopefully help others. I think France is an amazing place to go for an Erasmus because the transport system is amazing and you can really go anywhere.